Tiffany Benson is an exotic beauty known for her elegant and effortless dance style. Her poised yet sexy allure, uniquely polished moves, and charm, charisma, and grace have made her a standout in the salsa world, sought after for performances and lessons.

Tiffany’s dance training began in her early childhood in Queens, NY, where she trained in a wide variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, and African dance, as well as in gymnastics and creative floor arts. She began her mambo training in 2004 at the world famous Santo Rico Dance Co. under the direction of Tomas Guerrero, who was featured in the HBO documentary El Espiritu De La Salsa. However, it was Victor Karisma who had the biggest impact on Tiffany’s dancing career, when he asked her to be a part of Karisma Dance Company.

Tiffany joined Karisma Dance Company in 2008 and quickly moved into a leadership role. By the end of her time with Karisma in 2011, Tiffany was the Lead Female Instructor of Karisma Dance Company; she had become the Coach, Artistic Director, and Assisting Choreographer of Koncepto Karisma; and she had created and was co-instructor of the women’s team “Imagenes de Karisma.” During her years at Karisma, Tiffany participated in many salsa congresses, private events, socials, and night club performances, including dancing for Grammy Award- and Latin Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Jerry Rivera.

Tiffany’s dance career almost came to an end when a knee injury forced her to take a break from dancing. But after undergoing knee surgery in January 2011 and months of physical rehabilitation, she was back on the scene and dancing better than ever. In August 2011, Eddie Torres (aka “The Mambo King”) himself asked her to dance with him, and in September 2011 she made her debut in Eddie’s classic number “Fiesta de la King” at the NY Salsa Congress!

Tiffany is currently a member of the Eddie Torres Mambo All-stars and has shared the stage with salsa stars such as Tito y Tamara, Griselle Ponce, Candy Mena, Andy Cruz, Amanda Estilo, Shani Talmor, and Adolfo Indacochea and his Latin Soul Dancers. She recently created the women’s team “Cadencia” and is currently working with Sekou McMiller and other dance related projects.


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