TIFF BENSON: 10k likes on my Facebook fanpage

2014 has been an amazing journey! I have accomplished so many things in the past 6 months and often catch myself in moments of gratitude thinking about how lucky I am to have great blessings in my life; including one I’d like to share with you all today. Yesterday my fanpage hit 10,000 “likes” and with every milestone I reach, I’m especially realizing the importance of taking the time to tell the people I love and care about… “thank you.”

Thank you, to all of the people I’ve met along the way who are like guiding lights, helping me on my journey. Your faith in me has changed my life.

Thank you, to my friends… well… my true friends, let’s just call them “family”, who have always been there showing me incredible love and nonstop support since day one.

No bandwagoners, here… I’m talking about the people who are always there for you. The people that always show up for you. The people who ALWAYS GO HARD for you, even when you don’t ask them to. The friends that lift you up, wrap their arms around your friendship, and never let go.

I’m so thankful for those few friendships in my life, and believe me when I say “few,” but I’m blessed and made better by them. My people know who they are.

So in honor of this milestone, and my amazing friendships and support, you better BELIEVE I’ll be tossing it up this weekend to celebrate! haha!

10k today ppl…thank you.
Vist my page and “like” Check me out atwww.facebook.com/tiffanybensonfanpage


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