DANCE ARTISAN: Tiffany Benson and Cesar Cora – Tampa ISBC 2013

In almost ten years of dancing, this was the first time I ever had my costume malfunction on stage. “What the ^%*!,” was my first thought when I felt the elastic band of my costume fly across my back. I shouted out the biggest yelp of my life (even the camera picked it up).#Lol! My second thought was, “Let Cesar know I’m in trouble for God’s sake!” I tried to communicate but the words would not come. Besides, I already sounded the alarm with my battle cry. I was only offering him one hand for partnerwork (a dead giveaway that my costume malfunctioned).

Well, once we pulled our focus together, we plowed through the rest of the show to have one of the most amazing shows… EVER! Cesar was awesome, and so was the audience’s support. The audience was INCREDIBLE! They showed us so much love. They cheered for us and rallied right behind us–jumping up, shouting, and pushing us on! We loved every second! The heartfelt applause and standing ovation really made our night! We genuinely felt the energy of the audience on stage and for that I am forever grateful. You guys helped us kill our show. One hand and all.

Thanks to the entire team at the Tampa International Salsa Bachata Congress for having us. We had a blast!



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